Book Review Policy

I absolutely love a good book. And I enjoy reviewing it almost as much, whether it’s on the blog, Amazon, or my Goodreads page!

I love to read and review books from a variety of genres; however, I do use discretion and have the following policies:

– I do not review books from the following genres: horror, paranormal, erotic, or gay/lesbian.
– I do not review books with more than a handful of swear words, or any sex scenes.

Thank you for your consideration of this in advance of requesting a review. Please note that I reserve the right to withdraw my consent to read/review a book if I find it violates one or both of these policies.

Book review queries and requests may be submitted via the below form, or sent to medav at meagandavenport dot com.

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  1. So happy to finally be here, Meagan! Looking forward to interacting with you here! 🙂

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