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– The Analytical Couch Potato –> “What if Boba Fett didn’t really die?”
A reaction to Lucasfilm’s press release that Star Wars Expanded Universe material is considered non-canon. Part of Project: Couch Surfing.

– The Life of a Craft-Crazed Mom –> “Slow Cooker Beef Stew”
Warm up those cold winter evenings with this thick and hearty stew!

– Women On Business –> “3 Steps to Get Your Business Travel Mojo Back”
Feeling drained as you face yet another business trip? Take these tips in your pocket.

– At The Cross –> “His Strength is Truly Made Perfect in My Weakness”
Reflections on my December 2015 Global Encounter Trip to Chile.

– Women On Business –> “How to Beat Passive-Aggression in the Workplace”
Do you work with passive-aggressive people? 3 tips here to help you survive and thrive amidst the challenge.

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– Bethany Presbyterian Church –> Bethany Briefs, May 2007, page 5. “Hidden Spaces”.
An examination of “hidden spaces” at Bethany Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA.

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School Essays
“Concerning Middle-Earth, and Other Matters” – An essay I wrote for my International Peace and World Order class, examining how WWI and Tolkien’s Roman Catholic faith impacted his world order in Lord of the Rings.

“To indeed be a god” – A college-level paper I wrote analyzing the impacts of Stalin’s disallowance of the public practice of religion in Russia.

I designed each of these PowerPoints for my Modern East Asia professor in 2005.
Age of the Samurai
Introduction to Japan
Historical Overview
Heian-Period Culture
Notes on Kojiki
Buddhism in Japan

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