Recognizing my trepidation at learning how to use a new presentation tool, Meagan rescued me from the fate of remaining mired in overhead projector usage by volunteering to convert my lecture notes to PowerPoint. Her perceptive engagement with the course material of this particular class enabled her to deftly choose stunningly representative themes that helped convey the ambiance I […]

Dr. Darrell Allen, Ph.D.

“You’re a good teacher. Calm, patient and attentive.” Mark can be found online at Markings.

Mark Cutshall

“Meagan’s impressive ability to focus on details while avoiding myopia helped me to prune dead wood without destroying the beauty of the forest. Like a master gardener, she employs her tools with precision and care to produce flourishing growth in her writers and their work.”

Trey Schorr, author and editor Trey Schorr, author and editor