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For Authors

Hey, authors! I’m Meagan. I loooove to read — as you’ll see by the insane amount of book reviews I do on the blog.

Need a beta reader or book review? Look no further; I’ve got you covered.

For Readers

Looking for your next read? Need a new book for vacation? You’ve got it!

All the books I review conform to my content policy, so you know you’ll get a clean (and usually faith-based) read — regardless of genre.

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About Meagan

I like to think I was born reading. I was certainly correcting grammar at an early age (second grade) — and won awards in third grade for the number of pages read each quarter!

While elementary school was a long time ago, I still read and edit like crazy. That’s why a bulk of my blog posts are book reviews!

The rest of the blog posts cover non-denominational missions and other faith-related topics, and even a few cooking posts from my early blogging days as a foodie.

Favorite Book: Besides the Bible —  Lord of the Rings. Here’s why everyone should read it (repeatedly).