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Welcome to the book tour for Amanda Tero’s Journey to Love! It’s wonderful to have you here.

Amanda is a new-to-me author, and it’s been fun to read Journey to Love in prep for the tour. The book is slightly out of the norm for me in terms of what I usually read, but I’m getting ahead of myself! Read on for more about the book, series, and author, my take, and a giveaway for a print copy of the book!

Journey to Love book coverAbout the Book

Now orphaned, Marie is swept miles away from the only life she knew to be sheltered by unknown guardians. Caught in the challenges of a new life, she cannot prevent changes from happening, but she can keep the Bowles and their friends at arm’s length. Or can she?

While things appear to transition smoothly on the outside, Marie struggles against the turmoil she faces on the inside. She sees something in the Bowles and her new friends that she had never experienced before…but should she trust what the preacher is teaching when it goes against everything she had accepted as truth? Is God really a God of love? If He is, then is Marie willing to accept it?

Follow Marie as she begins the journey to love.

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My take

I really enjoyed this novella. I grew up on Little House on the Prairie and other Midwest TV shows and books, orphan-train and otherwise, and Journey to Love fits right in. It’s a little different in that it focuses on the children and only shows their adult denouement via a short epilogue, but I actually really enjoyed that, appreciating the novella’s focus on their childhood and not glossing over the difficulties they face. That is what sets Journey to Love apart from other orphan-train stories.

JTL is a well-paced story packed with the gospel, which was shared in a very gentle and loving way. (Minor spoiler alert!) I love, love, loved reading Marie’s journey from a very legalistic form of faith to comprehension of God’s love for her, that was not dependent on rote prayers or a priest to read and interpret the Bible to/for her. (/end spoiler)

I also enjoyed the character of Mary quite a bit. It was interesting to read about the treatment of blind children during that era and how they themselves coped with it, and compare that to today’s world; a friend of mine is blind, also from childhood/after birth, and I found myself gaining new insights and appreciation for her and her life!

I would happily pick up the book again down the line; it’s worth re-reads, not only for the story it tells, but the theology within.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the eARC for my honest review; all opinions are my own.

About the Orphan Journeys series

Imagine yourself as an orphan, struggling for survival on the filthy New York streets, where disease and crime run rampant. Journey from these wretched streets to a temporary lodging in an overcrowded orphanage and then to the train station. After riding the train for hours, picture yourself lining up with other children, waiting as adults look you over. Would you be chosen—or would you have to hold onto the hope that maybe, at the next station, someone would want to bring you home?

Minister Charles Loring Brace had a vision for New York orphans that brought them through this journey from streets to homes. He began his orphan work in 1853, then in 1854, because of lack of orphanage space, Brace sent the first orphans by train to Dowagiac, Michigan, where the children could be sheltered by local families. The “orphan train” continued until 1929, bringing at least 150,000 children to new homes where they were fostered and, occasionally, adopted.

Brace desired to place children in good, Protestant homes. Many orphans experienced Brace’s desire, but some orphans had different stories: siblings were separated, and some couples took orphans to use for cheap labor. Though many orphans ended up as successful men and women, not all of them turned out to be trustworthy citizens.

Orphan Journeys is a fictional novella series based off of the American Orphan Train saga, following orphans not only as they adjust to a new life, but also as they embark upon a spiritual journey.

Amanda Tero bio picAbout the Author

Amanda Tero is a homeschool graduate who desires to provide God-honoring, family-friendly reading material. She has enjoyed writing since before ten years old, but it has only been since 2013 that she began seriously pursuing writing again – starting with some short stories that she wrote for her sisters as a gift. Her mom encouraged her to try selling the stories she published, and since then, she has begun actively writing short stories, novellas, and novels. If something she has written draws an individual into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, it is worth it!

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

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