There are bumper stickers dedicated to it. Stickers, t-shirts, even. They all proclaim a mysterious phrase. “Have an Edmonds kind of day.” “It’s an Edmonds kind of day.” “Edmonds.” “98020.” “98026.” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

Image from via Pinterest.

Well, the last two are zip codes!

I know, I know. You weren’t asking about the zips.

What exactly is an Edmonds kind of day, anyway?

It may vary from person to person, but for me it’s the view of Puget Sound as I take that last westbound curve on Edmonds Way. It’s the ferry boat tooting its foghorn in the misty wee hours, the train whistling as it passes by – I swear I can hear the wheels clacking on a clear day, even two miles away with one or two or a forest of evergreens between me and thee.

I'm always ready for a ferry ride!

And then there’s the community. The summer farmer’s market, with riotous flowers wrapped in butcher paper, glorious produce lovingly picked by local farmers, artisans selling their wares (my favorite is Nona Pearl Creations’ knitted gloves). Arista Cellars hosts a weekly wine tasting year round; Otherworlds entrances the inner sci-fi and fantasy geeks in all of us, with a hearty side of steampunk; Girardi’s offers an extensive Italian-food menu, with the best happy hour this side of the train tracks. (The constant lines out the door can attest to that! I swear the only time there isn’t a line is during my early gym treks to a nearby gym.)

An Edmonds kind of day for me …

Edmonds captures the intangible joie de vivre of living in the Pacific Northwest, maintaining its small-town charm alongside a bustling ferry terminal and active small businesses. Its theatre sits next to a hole-in-the-wall wine bar, perfect for a nightcap before easing into the theatre’s balcony seating. And one cannot forget Rick Steves, who put Edmonds on the map with his Europe Through the Back Door headquarters on 4th Avenue. His seasonal travel festivals are a big draw for people of all ages and life situations.

All of these things and more combine to make Edmonds a tightly-knit community, fiercely proud and protective of its own.