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The Remnant (Plain Truth Ministries, August 2016)
In the year 2069 the Apocalypse came and went, but Jesus didn’t show up, as some expected.
Instead, a cataclysmic war, natural disasters and pandemics eradicated 90 percent of earth’s population. Now, in 2131, a totalitarian government rules the world from the majestic, opulent capitol of Carthage, Tunisia. Blamed for igniting the war, religion and religious books are banned. Citizens who will not renounce their religion are sent to work camps.

Grant Cochrin, imprisoned in a bleak petroleum camp in what was once North Dakota, leads his family and friends to escape and embark on a long, dangerous quest for a Christian community. Their resource in this journey? A cherished page torn from the now banished Bible—a remnant of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount handed down from Grant’s grandparents.

What if there were an Apocalypse and Jesus didn’t return? What if the survivors found themselves living in a world ruled by a totalitarian government, where religion is forbidden and all religious texts have been destroyed?

In The Remnant, award-winning author Monte Wolverton tells the tale of a band of concentration camp escapees who trek through the lawless American wilderness on a quest for authentic Christianity, only to come face to face with an unthinkable dilemma. The Remnant is a fast-paced story punctuated with dry satire, memorable characters and hard questions about religious institutions.

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My Take

I enjoyed The Remnant very much! It was refreshing to find a Christian dystopian novel in the days of the Hunger Games and Divergent series.

The Remnant‘s story line and content often challenged me in my own faith and walk with Christ. Wolverton asks tough questions and provokes introspection!

I often asked myself what I would do if I found myself in a similar situation as the Cochrin team. Would I be more like Sara, skeptical and willing to ask the tough questions? Or perhaps Dana, simply wanting to settle down in peace and quiet? Each of the characters were relatable and real, and I found myself reflected to a degree in each of them.

Near the end, I wondered whether there could possibly, please, just be one “normal” spot for the team. (Possible spoiler!) After the third group I felt somewhat disillusioned, but upon finishing the book, my interest had picked up again. (Take note that The Remnant is book 1 of a series, and ends with a bit of a cliffhanger.)

I recommend The Remnant for adult fans of dystopian literature – especially those looking for alternatives to Hunger Games and Divergent.

Note that the book contains some language. However, the author does not present it as acceptable or common Christian behavior.

I received a free copy of The Remnant from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Monte Wolverton, author of The RemnantAbout Monte Wolverton

Monte Wolverton is an award-winning author and syndicated editorial cartoonist. He is associate editor of CWR magazine. He is an ordained minister and holds a MA from Goddard College in Vermont. Along with his wife Kaye, he makes his home in southwest Washington State.