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Most of us value humility . . . especially in other people. But Jesus taught that humility is central to the Christian life. Author Christopher Hutchinson invites the church to follow Christ—both individually and corporately—in this high calling.

A systematic and comprehensive treatment of this core tenant of Christianity, Rediscovering Humility is structured around the three times Jesus addresses the topic in Scripture—how it is found, embraced, and applied. This insightful resource should be required reading for all seminary students, so they can understand the pitfalls of leadership before they begin to pastor. Current pastors and church leaders will find Hutchinson’s critiques and suggestions helpful as they seek to create humble and healthy churches. Individuals who have lost an appreciation for humility as a central Christian virtue will be reminded of its value as the best way to grow closer to and more like Jesus.

Humble Christians create healthy churches, but in today’s world of celebrity pastors and widening platforms, our churches are more than ever imitating the prideful methodologies of our culture. Through his critiques, Hutchinson also offers suggestions for how Christians can better practice and promote humility in our time.

Offering a fresh and updated application of humility to our day, Hutchinson calls for a return to the path of humility as the one pilgrimage most necessary for Christian faith and life. By showing humility in in all its truth, beauty, and goodness, it becomes a value worth seeking—if never fully found—on this side of heaven.

My Review

The author notes early on that there really aren’t too many Christian books out there on humility … and he’s absolutely right. I only knew of Andrew Murray’s (and haven’t read it)!

Hutchinson’s addition to the short-list is an absolute gem — and not just because he quotes Tolkien. 🙂 (And C.S. Lewis. And Augustine. And Jonathan Edwards. … Okay, you get my point. He quotes a lot of my favorite theologians — an automatic win.) But thankfully, he does more than quote other people. He constantly points readers back to the Bible, and even more importantly, to Christ. After all, “There can be no humility without Christ and what He did upon the Cross” (eARC location 668).

The world we live in (and Paul, and Christ, and the prophets lived in) doesn’t make a humble life easy. But thankfully, Christ makes it possible at all.

Hutchinson extrapolates on how to live out humility — through faith, hope, and love. Scripture is presented at every turn, as is heartfelt prayer, both Hutchinson’s own and various collected prayers.

Sometimes the text’s nuances go a bit over my head, I’ll admit. But I appreciated the challenge, especially being 1 or 2 or 14 years out of college! It was nice to find a meatier, yet still approachable, read than my usual fiction pursuits (and even many of my “Christian living” reads of late).

Absolutely recommended, and one I’ll revisit for sure over the course of my Christian walk.

I received a copy of the book from Audra Jennings / Read With Audra. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

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Christopher Hutchinson is Senior Pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, and a graduate of Duke University (A.B.), and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div). Prior to entering the ministry, Chris served in the U.S. Army, including a combat tour during Operation Desert Storm. Chris and his wife, Kirstan, have two grown daughters, one a collaborative pianist studying in Arizona, and the other an artist studying in South Carolina. This is his first published book.