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Title: War-Torn Heart Author: Allison Wells Publisher: Ambassador International
Genre: Historical Fiction Release Date: March 20, 2019

Abigail Walker, a young woman from rural South Carolina, is on the cusp of womanhood, aching to be able to run wild as the younger children do, yet yearning for things she has yet to understand. Awkward and unsure of herself, Abby is flustered when she meets Harvey Nicholas, a cadet from Clemson College. As summer begins, Abby finds herself constantly in the company of Harvey and falling quickly in love with him. As rumors of war begin to reach the States, Abby begins to fear what may come for her older brother and Harvey. Once Pearl Harbor is bombed, the boys are eager to protect their home and the women they love. But will Abby and Harvey’s love be able to withstand distance, rumors, loss, and hurt? Or will the war be what tears apart Abby’s heart?

War-Torn Heart is a kleenex-box book with a story of hope, of love, and of perseverance through World War II, which will make the reader cry, scream, and long for more.

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If you’d like a book that focuses on one family’s journey through WWII, one that you can really do a deep-dive on, this may be your book. “War-Torn Heart” picks up before Pearl Harbor and follows Abby’s family as they respond to the “day of infamy” and the overall course of the war.

I unfortunately didn’t care for “War-Torn Heart,” myself. While the premise was interesting, I found the characters one dimensional, and the plot fairly slow moving. (Though this might have been partially due to reading a very fast-paced and short trilogy at the same time as this book — Robin Patchen’s “Beauty in Flight” series!)

Inclusion of nearly all (if not all) of FDR’s Pearl Harbor speech seemed out of place to me. While certainly a significant and moving speech, its full inclusion decreased the gravity of the situation and didn’t advance the plot.

The writing was very wordy and left little to the imagination, including several franker-than-I’d-like discussions on certain topics. In general, I didn’t feel enough was left to the reader’s own inference — many components felt explained overmuch.

That being said, the book did provide a look at a fascinating and sad point in world history. I did enjoy reading about Harvey’s time as a cadet at Clemson College. It was an all-male military school at that time (indeed, until 1955) — very different from now! (It actually reminded me a little bit of Gilbert Morris and Lynn Morris’s “Toward the Sunrising” in that regard. Shadrach Forrest Luxton, anyone?)

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Allison Wells is a new author, but for the most part she’s a Southern wife and mother. With four active children, she spends most of her time in the car, but when she can she loves to sit down and read or write. Allison is a graduate of Clemson University in the beautiful foothills of South Carolina and she still lives close enough to hear football games on Saturdays.

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