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Newcomers to the church community need tools to navigate the Christian faith and a guide for connecting doctrine to real life. In a world that s increasingly relative, author Andrew Petiprin helps readers discover unchanging truth based on God s Word. Truth Matters shows how core tenants of the Christian faith were affirmed over the centuries by faithful biblical scholars. As he engages with great thinkers of Christian tradition, including C. S. Lewis, T. S. Eliot and others, Petiprin helps readers flourish in their faith by discovering the true answers to age-old questions like, Who is God? and Who am I?

Mirroring the structure of traditional creeds, Truth Matters helps readers better understand truths about themselves by understanding the truth about God and his desire for a relationship with us. As readers learn more about how doctrine was debated and decided, they will also see that Truth never changes, and that the purpose of doctrine is to make Truth clearer than before.

As it champions the authentic teachings of the Christian faith, Truth Matters points to doctrine, liturgy, and tradition as a way to discover not just the truth about God, but to find God himself.

My Review

Wow! Truth Matters certainly doesn’t pull any punches. 🙂 Reminiscent of N.T. Wright and C.S. Lewis, Truth Matters and Andrew Petiprin challenge and convict the reader with biblical truth. In an era where many pursue “my truth” and leave “your truth” to you, Truth Matters reminds us that God’s truth is objective. It’s not subject to whims, the cycles of the moon, or “elevated thinking” the church fathers overlooked for 2,000 years.

I may not be Anglican myself, but so appreciate its rich history and liturgy. I love attending Evensong services while traveling, a service that reminds me of God’s majesty and splendor. Truth Matters reminds me so much of that experience, and renews my interest in orthodoxy and church history. This book encourages me to deepen my pursuit of God’s truth and time spent with Him and His word in 2019 and beyond.

I received a copy of the book from New Growth Press. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

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Andrew K. Petiprin was a Marshall Scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, and also holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Yale University. Andrew is author of Truth Matters: Knowing God and Yourself, and is a regular contributor to the Living Church magazine and other publications. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Amber, and their two children.