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Hillsong New York City pastor identifies and deconstructs the most common myths about how God communicates – and then provides clear tools to accurately decipher and follow the voice of God in your life.

So many people wish that God would audibly weigh in on life’s greatest questions of calling, meaning, and purpose. What’s crazy is that God is weighing in on those questions. We just haven’t learned to listen. Nathan Finochio believes that God is constantly communicating with this world he’s created. We simply aren’t following the right advice when it comes to hearing what he has to say. Through biblical teaching and true life stories, Hearing God empowers and enables readers to separate fact from fiction, myth from meaning, and truly understand what God is saying to them about big decisions and daily living.

My Review

Finochio has a lot of awesome things to say in “Hearing God”. I love his use of Scripture throughout – absolutely necessary for a book on hearing God!

I also caught myself laughing out loud at times while reading. Finochio’s writing style is enjoyable, approachable, and just dang funny at times. I truly felt … well, more normal after reading this — you mean I’m not the only one that struggles and asks these questions?

Perhaps my favorite paragraph: “The paradox of Christian maturity is at once an increased dependence and an increased independence. But it’s not a given that we understand this. So many Christians are slamming their foreheads against the wall right now, crying out to God, ‘Lord! Where should I live?’ And God is shouting back, ‘Dude! Where do you want to live?'” (ARC p. 28) What a great reminder that we can have will and an opinion. The ultimate answer of salvation is in the Bible, but as the Bible doesn’t specifically give each believer a blueprint of “Hey, live in this house and do this thing and don’t invest in that stock” … we can choose. We should choose. That is fabo. The key is … will it honor God? If so – awesome.

Finochio did make some interesting comments in the book (i.e. “The Holy Spirit is Jesus’ biological father”, and as another reviewer noted, that Jesus and the Bible are both equally God’s word at the same time) that I’m not sure I completely agree with, but that aside, I found the book encouraging and uplifting. Just requires a bit of sifting at times.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

NATHAN FINOCHIO is a teaching pastor at Hillsong New York City. In addition to teaching, preaching, and writing, Nathan is a worship leader and songwriter for the band The Royal Royal. Finochio lives in New York with his wife, Jasmine.