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Refuge at Pine Lake

By Rose Chandler Johnson
Christian Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
March 6th 2019 by Chanson Books

Robin Lancaster, a twenty-six-year-old former kindergarten teacher, has her summer and her life all figured out. She’s ready to be on her own, writing and illustrating her children’s stories at her family’s beloved lake house. Once there, she intends to rekindle a romance with Caleb Jackson, the area’s top hunting and fishing guide, and bag him for herself.

Complications arise from the start when Robin finds out her mother has rented the lake house to a man they know nothing about.

Matthew McLaughlin, forty-year-old widowed university professor and author from California, shows up at Pine Lake in crisis. A sabbatical might be his only hope to save much more than his career. He needs a place of refuge. Sharing the lake house with a lighthearted young woman and her dog is the last thing on his mind.

Caleb Jackson has his own plans. He’s used to things going his way, but a man staying in Robin’s house presents unforeseen challenges. When paths unavoidably tangle for these three, hearts are on the line.


Excerpt from Refuge at Pine Lake

Robin sat in her studio drawing cattails in a pond when Callie started barking excitedly. Her subsequent dance by the door let Robin know they had company. Emmy had arrived. She glanced at the time. Just after noon. She began tidying the drafting table, gathering her pencils and returning them to the proper glass canisters, and putting her drawings out of the reach of inquisitive little fingers. After brushing her hands on her apron, she pulled it off, hung it on a hook, and headed downstairs.

The characteristic glee of children playing brought a smile to her face.

“Help Mommy out, girls!” Emily called. “And I asked that you not be loud.” She stood by the van, watching the girls run away from her.

“Whee … Whee!” Lilly and Bella ran with their arms outstretched like wings.

“I’m a duck,” Lilly said. “Quack, quack.”

“Quack, quack … Quack, quack,” Bella repeated.

“Girls! Come back here.” Emily put her hands on her hips.

When Robin opened the door, Callie darted out and ran down the hill after them.

Robin crouched down as she crept unnoticed toward the girls. “Grr! Grr! I’m a wolf. You’d better fly home, little duckies!”

It was a mystery how two little girls could make such high-pitched squeals. Upon reaching their mom, they flung their bodies at her hips and clung tight.

That’s where Robin caught up with them and pulled them into a group hug. “I’m going to eat you up,” she said, holding them tightly. “Chomp. Chomp. Give me a hug.” The girls dissolved into giggles. “Are you ready to spend a few days with Auntie Robin?”

“Yeah!” They pulled away to turn their attention to Callie. Lilly knelt on the ground with her arms around Callie’s neck, and Bella stood over them rubbing the dog’s fur.

“So much for the element of surprise,” Emily said, taking bags out of the van. “We just shattered the peace.”

About the Author

Rose Chandler Johnson is known for her heartwarming, inspirational writing. In addition to works of sweet contemporary fiction, her devotional journal, God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea: Experiencing God in the Midst of Everyday Moments won the Georgia Author of the Year Finalist Award in 2014.

In her novels, Rose brings to life fascinating characters with compelling relationships embracing family, community, and faith. In distinctive southern settings, Rose creates memorable stories that will stir your heart. Readers often say her writing warms the soul as it reaffirms belief in love and wholesome goodness. Don’t be surprised if you sigh with pleasure as you savor the final pages of her stories.

Rose has lived in a suburb of Augusta, GA for thirty plus years. Before retiring from Georgia’s school system, she taught English, French, and ESOL. Currently, she is an English instructor at a community college. In addition to reading and writing, Rose enjoys cooking, sewing, gardening, and spending time with her six children and her beautiful grandchildren.


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