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Build your Bible IQ and Christian worldview in just fifteen minutes a day! Over the course of a year, Core 52 will help you master the 52 most important passages in the Bible. 

“You will gain the tools you need for living the life God has called you to.”—Kyle Idleman, pastor and author of Not a Fan 

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”—1 Timothy 4:8 

Most of us want to know the Bible better, but few reach our goal, often because we’re too busy or we don’t know where to start. Core 52 removes both barriers, offering a common-sense solution that fits into our busy lives. Respected Bible professor and teaching pastor Mark E. Moore developed this proven process from thirty-five years of helping people grow deeper in God’s Word.

Each week features a brief essay, memory verse, Bible story, trajectory verses, and practical ways to put what you’ve learned into practice. An optional “Overachiever Challenge” offers the chance to memorize the top 100 Bible verses by year’s end. 

This simple approach allows you to become familiar with the big ideas of the Bible in less time and with less effort than other reading plans. In one year, you can master the core of the Bible—focusing on topics from God’s will to worry, happiness to holiness, and leadership to love. These fifty-two core passages are lenses through which you can read the rest of the Bible with clarity and confidence.

My Review

‘Core 52’ takes a huge topic and breaks it into incredibly manageable chunks. Anyone can do it – layman, pastor, student, you name it!

I’m a checklist person, so loved the checklists at the end of each chapter; I’m also an overachiever , so have made use of several of the suggested extras. Key points help me recap both what I’ve just read as well as other sections I either already read or haven’t gotten to yet (because … yeah … overachiever — I like to skip ahead). Bonus reads are the icing on the cake (especially when they reference people like Bill Bright and Tim Keller). #fangirl

I appreciate having a print book (vs. ebook) so that I can flip around and (re)visit topics of interest without losing my place.

This book sets a manageable pace, much like a coach comes alongside a marathon runner. Becoming Biblically literate isn’t something that happens overnight — but ‘Core 52’ helps you advance, slowly and steadily.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

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Mark E. Moore is an acclaimed author and teaching pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona. He previously spent two decades as a New Testament professor at Ozark Christian College. Whether by helping people make sense of Christianity or teaching students to understand the Bible, Mark’s life passion is to make Jesus famous. Mark and his wife, Barbara, reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

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