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Where is God when life is filled with so much suffering? How can I be sure of God’s presence and affection, even in my pain? Can you believe in God and still wrestle with questions and doubt? These are the questions honestly explored in Relentless.

Whether in struggle, illness, death, or failure, the presence of pain causes us to question the presence of God. We pray and watch the sky, crossing our spiritual fingers for hardcore proof of God’s nearness. And in the silence, we sense something more sinister: perceived abandonment.

But what if we could collect evidence that God hasn’t left us? What if we could be absolutely certain of God’s presence and affection, strengthening our faith against any assault?

Woven throughout Scripture sits a single, extraordinary theme: God is with us. Ours is a God who speaks through burning bushes and leads through pillars of fire, who responds to a broken world by giving himself.

Like the Old Testament story of Joshua’s altar of twelve stones, Relentless delivers twelve key biblical stories that demonstrate God’s unfailing presence. Each chapter offers an invitation to identify a “stone” in your own life as tangible evidence of God’s nearness. With the turn of the last page, you will have discovered twelve markers of your own, an altar of memory to carry you through questions and losses, even ones yet to come.

For the truth-seekers, those drowning in impossible questions, and those who find themselves swallowed up by the dark, Relentless is an invitation to search for divine presence in our everyday stories. With Michele Cushatt’s engaging narrative style, this transformational journey reassures us that God, indeed, is with us.

My Review

Gosh, I love this book.

I read “Undone,” also by Cushatt, at its release and absolutely adored it, so jumped at the chance to read this one. Her writing style is captivating, raw, honest, and always, always pointing back to Christ—even in the moments where it is impossibly hard to do so.

Cushatt’s story is so powerful, I can’t do it justice here. Just…pick up a copy and discover her heart and God’s power for yourself. She writes so approachably and honestly, it helps me to know I’m not the only one that has asked questions or wondered things. (Hi, I’m Type A and fixed-mindset for most of my life, so I often need permission, or don’t want to do something if it’s not guaranteed success from the get-go.) this book makes me feel more human and normal, I guess you could say, lol!

I also love that Cushatt read the audiobook version herself. When i started reading “Relentless” and seeing what she went through in her cancer battle, I immediately wondered how her voice would sound…couldn’t help it. Curiosity. And it’s just so…powerful. That’s all I got. Crazy power from a crazy-awesome God. He is good, and that goodness is written all over this book, both audio and print. What a fantastic read.

I received a copy of the book from the author. All opinions are my own.

About Michele Cushatt

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As an experienced communicator, Michele Cushatt speaks internationally to a wide variety of audiences including Women of Faith, Life Today TV, Compassion International, Ziglar Family, Family Life Blended, and Focus on the Family. A three-time head and neck cancer survivor and parent of “children from hard places,” Michele is a (reluctant) expert of trauma, pain and the deep human need for authentic connection. She and her husband, Troy, share a blended family of six children, including biological children, stepchildren, and foster-adopt children. They live in Denver, Colorado.