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11187200_1625024101074500_8329396918190746956_oHi! I’m Meagan (pronounced May-gen, not Mee-gen). I travel and read a lot of books.

And I’m a BAM consultant – or Business As Mission consultant.

On my blog, I’ll share weekly posts on a variety of missional topics – from Advent and Holy Week devotionals to BAM company spotlights to faith-based travel tips, and more.

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My favorite trip was to Israel in 2010; I have also traveled extensively throughout the United States, British Columbia, Israel, and Europe.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy waxing eloquent on apples, Lord of the Rings, and the finer points of Indian food. I average over 100 books read per year, and you’ll occasionally see me review books and participate in book tours on the blog.

Two of my favorite things are proofreading and copyediting for Christian non-profit organizations, especially those focusing on BAM. Shoot me a note at medav {at} meagandavenport {dot} com to start the collaboration.

By day I am a business analyst for a local computer software and healthcare company. By night, you’ll find me catching up on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; pitching an article online; or cooking!

I am also very passionate about fighting human trafficking, and walk in World Concern‘s annual Free Them 5K. Read more on how I got involved, join me in the walk, or ask how you can help support the cause.

Visit my portfolio to get a sense of my design and writing style.

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  1. LOL, you are NOT a closet bookaholic. I think it’s fair that anyone who meets you within 5 minutes knows you’re a bookaholic. 😉 You should add links to your Instagram!

    1. Bahahaha! Ok, you’re right! 😉 And thanks for the suggestion on the Instagram link! It’s currently in the “Follow the Author” section of the sidebar. 🙂

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