Meagan Davenport took over basil & salt magazine’s Facebook page for a 30-day trial period.

During this time, Ms. Davenport created posts via the scheduling featuring of the page and utilized both basil & salt magazine’s current and archived posts on the page and on the online site. Her posts were on-topic, engaging and Ms. Davenport utilized the ‘National Food Days’ calendar to keep content whimsical and reader friendly.

Engaging other page owners and companies via tagging is an important component of page to page engagement and it is imperative that’s handled with style and eloquence. Ms. Davenport’s participation with other online companies and Facebook pages was excellent.

While we are not currently looking for social media management, we do recommend Meagan Davenport for social media assistance as she has fresh, on-point knowledge of strategies and guidelines.

Karie Engels

Publisher, basil & salt magazine